Okamoto Machinery Co., Ltd. is an independent Japanese corporation invested by Okamoto Machine Tool Works., Ltd. The company has the machine tool devision and the Gear devision.

We have our own high-precision gear grinding technology that enables us to supply high-level gears to our customers.


  • Spiral bevel gear

    Spiral bevel gears are bevel gears with helical teeth. vibration and noise than traditional straight They have less bevel gears.
  • Spur Gears

    Spur gears are cylindrical gears with teeth aligned parallel to the axis. These are widely used for transmitting motive power.
  • Hypoid Gears

    Hypoid gears are conical in shape and allow the transmission of motive power between crisscrossing axes. The axes of the large and small gears are offset.
  • Helical Gears

    Helical gears are cylindrical gears with teeth shaped like a helix. These gears are widely used by the feature of their strength and quietness compared to spur gears.
  • Internal Gears

    Internal gears mesh with spur gears, but the teeth are formed on the inner surface of the cylinder.
  • Zero Bevel Gears

    Zero bevel gears have teeth that are curved but not angled. They have characteristics of both straight bevel gears and spiral bevel gears.


Message from the President

Okamoto Machinery has the equipment to make the gears you need, even when no one else can.

  • 1.Our confidence in our technology enables a bold expansion into the global marketplace.

    Our company was spun off in 1975 as a fully independent subsidiary of Okamoto Machine Tool Works. Today, we are still making machine tools as a part of our business, but Okamoto Machinery is really known now as “the gear-making company.”

    Our company is a small- and medium-lot producer rather than a high-volume manufacturer, and we can make a large variety of products in lots ranging from a single item to tens of thousands. It was our overseas strategy to differentiate our products in a globalized market that led us to form Okamoto’s first subsidiary in China.

    It was about twenty years ago that we established the idea that we would "target the world, go where our users are!" for our gear-producing business. Our Chinese factory, just like our home factory, can make products one-by-one from raw materials and is not just an assembly plant.

    The factory has developed in a satisfactory manner, recouping its costs after three-and-a-half years. We were correct in our judgment to build the Chinese factory at the time. I think that to do so today would be difficult. We have been able, now and then, to see how the times were changing and make adjustments accordingly. We have enjoyed a long history based on that premise, during which We have improved our technology and put our international strategy into action. Now that we have expanded, we plan to do our best to make our presence permanent.
  • 2. All our employees have their roots in “craftsmanship.”

    At our company, we possess technology and expertise that we have used to make machine tools. When it comes to gears, anything another company can make, we can make too. We will not accept there being any gear we cannot make. At our company, we even make our own gear-making machine tools. Our motto is “Technology Done Right,” and that means we strive for diligent craftsmanship without cutting corners. Our company is ultimately a manufacturer and not a distributor. As long as there is craftsmanship, we will be in the business.

    Put another way, you could say, “those who don’t enjoy craftsmanship are not welcome.” Even our sales staff must first acquire several years of experience on the production line before beginning sales work. We must not be merely a maker and supplier of gears, but rather an essential partner our customers can count on and trust.

Company Profile

Okamoto Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company Name
Okamoto Machinery Co., Ltd.
Masato Kikuchi
Head Office
2050 Kanami,Kanae-cho,Fukuyama City,Hiroshima,Japan 720-0541 Tel: +81-84-935-9191
May 1975
Yen 322 Milions
Onomichi Plant
1-220-55 Chojabara,Onomichi City,Hiroshima,Japan 722-0221
Tel: +81-84-848-2882
Fuchu Plant
800-138 Ukai-cho,Fuchu City,Hiroshima,Japan 726-0002
Tel: +81-84-754-2780
Fuchu Second Plant
3169 Kurigara-cho, Fuchu City, Hiroshima,Japan 726-0023
Tel: +81-847-44-9511
Chinese Plant
No. 65-9 Xinggang Road,Zhonglou Economic Development Zone, Changzhou, China 213023
Tel: +86-56-5198-3903058


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